Another Scorpion Found On Yet Another United Flight.

Scorpions on a Plane. It sounds like something straight out of Hollywood. I can almost hear Samuel L. Jackson screaming “I’ve had it with these MotherF****** Scorpions on this MotherF****** plane!”

Only it’s not a movie, it’s a reality, and it’s the second time in less than a month that a scorpion has been reported on a United Airlines flight.

The first incident happened the same day a passenger was dragged off a United plane in Chicago ***don’t even get me started on THAT story***  …. . the same day that drama was unfolding a man on a United flight from Houston to Calgary was allegedly stung by a scorpion on the plane.

This time a United Airlines flight from Houston to Ecuador was delayed Thursday evening at George Bush Intercontinental Airport after a scorpoin was found on board the plane. The creepy critter caused a 3 1/2 hour flight delay.

United Airlines issued the following statement:

“Houston to Quito Flight 1035 returned to the gate after a scorpion reportedly emerged from a customer’s clothing. Paramedics at the gate immediately examined the customer and determined that he had not been stung.

“The customer declined further medical treatment and, as a precaution, a new aircraft was arranged. We provided all passengers with a meal voucher due to the delay and the flight, with the customer aboard, has departed for Quito.”

So now, I want to know “What’s the strangest thing that’s ever happened to you on a flight?”

Share your stories in the comments!


Valerie Kattz






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