James Steele


Here are the latest school closing for Friday December 8th: Hancock Poplarville School District and […]

James & Val Podcast – 12.7.17

Val’s lack of listening habits, James doesn’t think it’s gonna snow, giving away a ton of money, and terrible traffic reports.

Listen: Charlie Puth ‘How Long’

Charlie Puth revealed that ‘How Long’ is essentially part II of his previous single ‘Attention’. In this track the listener is a fly on the wall as Puth admits to his lover that he cheated, and she questions him about his infidelity.

Puth has a voice that rivals Bruno Mars, and his story telling through song far surpasses anyone on the top 40 charts. Take a listen to his new single above, and get ready to fall in love.

theDAY / 10.4.17

Halloween Cookie fights and how many guys does it take to screw in a monitor […]

theDAY / James Wears All The Panties Challenge.

A group of women stole thousands of dollars worth of panties from Victoria Secret in 3 minutes. In honor of those thieves, James and Val wanted to see how long it would take him to put on 20 pairs of women’s underwear…it got weird

theDAY / 9.27.17

James’s dog Khane refuses to poop, and Val gets beat at her own viral challenge.