Today’s Hit Music

James Steele

How Not To Be Boring

Wish this was called how not to be bored…because that’s what happened to me 12 seconds in.

Worlds Smallest Cat

Everyone can count on their hand the number of cool cats they have met in their lives.


Here are the latest school closing for Friday December 8th: Hancock Poplarville School District and […]

James & Val Podcast – 12.7.17

Val’s lack of listening habits, James doesn’t think it’s gonna snow, giving away a ton of money, and terrible traffic reports.

Listen: Charlie Puth ‘How Long’

Charlie Puth revealed that ‘How Long’ is essentially part II of his previous single ‘Attention’. In this track the listener is a fly on the wall as Puth admits to his lover that he cheated, and she questions him about his infidelity.

Puth has a voice that rivals Bruno Mars, and his story telling through song far surpasses anyone on the top 40 charts. Take a listen to his new single above, and get ready to fall in love.

theDAY / 10.4.17

Halloween Cookie fights and how many guys does it take to screw in a monitor […]