James Steele

North Korea Propaganda Video of America

Not sure if this is real…but via Reddit here is an alleged Propaganda film of the United States made by the North Korea Government. Apparently the translation isn’t 100% accurate.

Rompers For Men

The ‘Romphim’ aka ‘The Romper for Men’ is coming this summer…unlike the female version, men won’t have to get completely naked to go pee.

James Steele’s Butt Tasered In Slow Motion

Two camera angles of me getting a taser to the butt, with slow motion replay.

After this experience, it was brought to my attention that you can find a Taser such as the one used on Amazon for roughly $15. It’s a cheap a safe way to protect yourself, and also is disguised as a flashlight. The one used is the Viperteak which is currently on for $12.