Looking For Fun Summer Activities? Plan a Paint Party!

This past weekend my co-host, James Steele, and I invited a few friends to a “Paint Party” at Canvas and Cocktails. This was my 3rd time painting with Canvas and Cocktails and James’ first.

Our party’s theme was “Paint Your Pet” but some attendees choose from one of Canvas and Cocktails many designs.

If you are wanting to host a party you only need a group of 6 or more to make a reservation or you could go to one of many classes that are on their painting schedule.

“Paint Your Pet” classes are only $45 and well worth it! At the end of the evening I had a beautiful painting. Canvas and Cocktails hosts the “Paint Your Pet” nights once every one-two months or you can do like I did and schedule your own!

They also have on going paint classes as low as $25 per person where you can paint anything from mermaids to flamingos and so much more. The average class is 2 hours.

“LIKE” them on Facebook @canvasandcocktailsms or call them, to schedule a class, at 228-861-8444.

Here are a few pics from our Paint Party:

I painted one my neighborhood foxes:

And James Steele painted his dog, Khane.

Happy Painting and I hope to see you at a Paint Party soon!


Valerie Kattz




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