Pet of the Day: Meet Giddeon!

Giddeon is one of HSSM’s Heartworm Allstars. He had been waiting at HSSM to find his forever home for 96 days until he was chosen to undergo heartworm treatment through the Have a Heart fund. For the past 2 months he has been on strict bed rest but he is now ready to get out in the world and start living his life! Giddeon has a world of energy within him and feels like he has to share his awesomeness with everyone! Truth be told, he carries so much awesomeness that there miiiiiight not be enough room in one house for another dog’s awesomeness. He loves to go for runs and play in the yard so he can show off his cool tricks. His adoption fee is $60 and will include a 6 month supply of heartworm preventative. He’s made it to the playoffs and now he’s ready to slide into your home and heart! ID: 29912026

If you’d like to adopt sweet Giddeon contact the Humane Society of South Mississippi at 228-863-3354,


Valerie Kattz



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