Exclusive Interview: Local CBS WLOX Meteorologist Carrie Duncan Opens Up About Weight Shaming Email

On the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Carrie Duncan, is a house hold name. Gulf Coast residents have, for years, welcomed her into their homes each day as they tuned in to her weather forecasts on WLOX-TV.  On TV, Carrie’s bright personality shines. Even if you’ve never met her, she has that comfortable presence that makes you feel like you could easily sit down with her and chat over a cup of coffee and make an instant friendship.  For those, like myself, who’ve gotten to know Carrie in “real life” we know that she is just as genuine in person as she seems on TV.

This week, Carrie has been in the news for more than just the weather. She made national headlines after going public with a hate-filled, body-shaming email she received a viewer.  Carrie, being the better person, choose not to release the name of the individual who sent the email but she did release the email.

In just a few days, Carrie’s story has received national attention. It’s been reported by People Magazine, The Today Show, Glamour Magazine and major news networks just to name a few.

This is the email from the viewer that Carrie posted on Facebook:

Along with posting the email, this was Carrie’s response on Facebook:

“You know I shared A LOT with y’all over the past almost 15 years. I appreciate the kind words, support & genuine excitement you have had for me! I heart y’all. I am not happy with my weight right. I am tired a lot and not getting much sleep and eating poorly. I know this. I want to do better, and I know I will. I appreciate the kindness you have shown to me. I am sharing this email I received to show you what some people have to go through. It could be the thinnest person, and they’re too skinny.
There are some people who are seriously unhappy. Ugly people always have something ugly to say. Please think about the people you are saying these things about and to. I believe this person also sent a horrible email which I didn’t read when I was pregnant. Here’s the thing, if you don’t like something/someone on tv, change the channel. Please STOP WITH THE HATE!
Thank you! Rant over! See you Monday when I’m back from vacation! 😃”  



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