10 Things I Learned From My Dogs.

Today is National Dog Day and I’m pretty much the crazy dog lady. Yes. I’m THAT girl, who if I meet you with your dog, will probably only remember your dog’s name and will forever refer to you as “Spot’s Mom.”

It’s not my fault, really, it’s like I have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Dog) issues. I’ve had dogs all my life. Fortunately, growing up, my mom let me take in every stray dog I found….and I just never stopped.  I currently have three dogs, Bella, Pinky and Willow. Over the years I’ve learned a lot from my furbabies. So I decided to put together a list. Feel free to comment below with lessons you’ve learned from your dogs. #NationalDogDay

Things I Learned From My Dogs:

1. Doggy blankets will ALWAYS become doggy chew and tug toys.


2. Potty Pads will also become chew toys.


3. Never trust the rain. That wet stuff is evil.

4. Going to the bathroom is a group effort. (Just trust me…on this one)

5. Sleeping on your back is the cutest way to sleep.


6. If you try hard enough you can squeeze into really tight spaces.

7. Embrace your inner Super Hero.

image image

8. Photo Bombing…Level Expert.

image 20160826_003421

9.  How to catch Pokemon.


10.  Blanket Stealing 101.



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