10 Tips for Holiday Traveling with Your Pets.

Planning to take your pets on a road trip this holiday season? I totally get it. My boyfriend and I prefer to travel with our dogs. When we lived in California we would take two weeks off for Christmas so we could load up our dogs and drive to Louisiana to spend the holidays with family. And let me tell you, 24 hours in a car with Boston Terriers can get pretty stinky, as they are notorious farters. 💩😩
Now that we’ve moved to the Gulf Coast that Louisiana road trip is much easier. The 24 hour Toxic Fart Car Chamber was “ruff” but there are more important things to worry about when traveling with your pets. Here are a few helpful tips for safe travel with your pets.


  1. Check with your vet to make sure your pets are healthy enough to travel, especially if this is their first road trip.
  2. When flying, make sure your pet will fit comfortably in the required travel kennel. I prefer to drive as I do not want my pets in cargo. Visit these airline site for pet travel rules: American Airlines   Delta
  3. Make sure ID Tag info is up to date. It’s best to have pets micro-chipped, this way if they slip out of their collar they are still able to be ID’d.
  4. Bring plenty of food and water to keep your pets feed and hydrated along the way.
  5. Plan on making plenty of potty stops so your pets can stretch and potty.
  6. Keep your pets safe in extreme weather. Make sure your pets have sweaters to keep them warm when traveling in the winter.
  7. Keep your pets safe in a moving car. Harnesses, kennels and pet seat belts work great for this. Click here to for a list of Pet Travel Safety items.
  8. Before leaving on a road trip, take your pet on a 30 minute drive to see how well they travel.
  9. If your pet takes medication remember to pack it!
  10. Make sure your hotel allows pets. Click here for a list of Pet Friendly Hotels.

Also, make a check list so that you have everything you need for your pet.

Here are a few pics from our Road Trips with our dogs:

Pinky loves road trips!

Buster doubles as an arm rest.

Bella loves to photo bomb pics….

Bella and Pinky are ready to roll!

Our bags are packed, let’s go!

Willow’s loves Starbucks Puppuccino’s! They’re free, just ask for one!

You’ll end up with lots of fun road trip pics….

Merry Christmas and Safe Travels from our pack to yours! 


Valerie Kattz




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