Bucket List Check Off: Play with Baby Tigers.

If you’ve never made a Bucket List I’d like to encourage you to start one today. On the long list of things I hope to do, and or accomplish before I pass, was play with baby tigers. Being an animal lover there are several animal related items on my bucket list. I still have to swim with dolphins, raise a baby goat, a potbelly pig and ride a unicorn….but I can now say I’ve played with tigers and it was AMAZING!

Last summer, on our Anniversary, my boyfriend surprised me with the best gift I could ever imagine: playtime with two baby Siberian tigers. It truly was a dream come true!

Baby tigers are pretty spunky and they play rather rough. While going for a toy I was holding, one of the Tigers jumped up and bit me in the shoulder. It was just a little scratch but I thought it was pretty darn cool that I can honestly say “I’ve been bit by a tiger.”

Here are a few of my favorite pics from what was on of the most special days of my life:


image image

image image  imageimage image image  image  image image

And….here’s that tiger bit!

image image


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