Movie Etiquette

With the new Star Wars movie out now (sorry I don’t know the name of this particular one, I lost track after 6 movies, a spin off, cartoon series and multiple fan YouTube tribute videos *those are fantastic by the way*). Nothing says “Help me” more than an adult dressed up in a children’s Halloween costume. I do have questions about the statute of limitations (Movie Etiquette) with movies though? When can you freely discuss a movie with your friends that have not seen it and not be the “Spoiler”? A day, week or couple of weeks? I mean being the first to tell someone a secret or the ending of a movie or the score of a “Big Game” is one the most pleasurable things a person can do right? On Friday, I had multiple people come by my office with huge smiles on their faces “Did you see it?” they would ask, as if they just saw a unicorn. Me “Nope, not yet. I wanna but… ya not yet”. So how long is my wait until they can bombard my brain with more useless knowledge about a movie series, let’s be honest, meant more to me when I was ten years old? It’s such a hassle to get in the car, drive to the theatre, pay thirty bucks and sit next to strangers that are waaaaay toooo close. If I don’t see this thing now, I have a feeling it will slip off the radar and I will eventually see it, when I’m home sick from work, watching it on a 10ich iPad with a cracked screen, headphones  and in a Nyquil coma…. Obviously knowing the entire movie because I waited too long.



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