NEW MUSIC LOOKOUT: Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You

Ed Sheeran dropped two tracks on Friday; Shape of You and Castle On The Hill which have garnered roughly 50 Million plays combined in just four days.

Sheeran dropped the songs exactly one year after taking a hiatus from social media, which we all should probably do because we are all going insane, and Julie no one cares about your ugly baby that you post pictures of every hour…okay have a like.


Ed’s new album will be called…hold on I have to try and find it on the keyboard…ummm….seriously where the hell is this damn symbol on the keyboard? The symbol for division…ummm guess I’ll just copy and paste.

The new album from Ed Sheeran will be called รท …and is due out whenever I can find the division symbol on this dumb keyboard.

Oh, here’s another track:

-James Steele
SNAP: jsteeleradio
Twatter: @jamessteele



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