Politics and Facebook: How Political Comments Can Affect Your Online Friendships.

It’s been one week since the election and my Facebook feed has been off the charts. I have a wide variety of Facebook friends from all walks of life so, of course, I’ve seen everything from obnoxious gloating over President Elect Donald Trump’s win to equally obnoxious posts from people who refuse to acknowledge the President elect or who claim they are going to move out of the country.

I’ve noticed that political arguments between “friends” on Social Media has caused hurt feelings, friendships to be strained and in some cases people deleting or blocking over others differing opinions.

I get it. Reading through political comments can get my blood pressure up in a hot second but I’m not going to go on a Social Media Friend List Slash just because some people have an opinion different from mine. I’m a firm believer in the Right for Free Speech and even though I may not agree with what you say, I’ll still fight for your right to say it. I’ll only delete someone whose posts are rude. As a rule, I avoid posting my opinion on other’s FB posts. I try to keep (and limit) my controversial opinions to my page. That written, if you start an argument on my page it’s game on.

Last week I decided to survey my Facebook friends to see how they were handing the barrage of political posts on Facebook. My post (which you can see in this photo) asked FB Friends these questions:


I was surprised at not only how many people responded to my post but also at how polite most of the comments were. It was actually quite refreshing.

Here’s what I discovered from my Super Non-Scientific Facebook Survey:

  • 55% HAVE NOT deleted or blocked FB friends.
  • 16% HAVE deleted or blocked FB Friends.
  • 29% Didn’t specify

Here are a few comments from those who said they have not blocked or deleted FB friends:







Here are a few comments from people who said they did delete or block FB friends:





And then there are the people who get through FB drama with humor and dogs.




Thank you to everyone that participated and thank you all for keeping it nice! Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Now….let’s all try and get along!


Valerie Kattz








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