The Possum Diaries: Our Attempt to Save Baby Possums After Their Mother was Hit by Car.

My boyfriend, Clark,  is a musician so he works late hours….we’ll call those hours “Possum Hours” because Possums, much like my boyfriend, are generally nocturnal.

Friday night when Clark was driving home from his gig he noticed the car in front of him hit a possum. He pulled over, got out of his car and was going to move the possum to the side of the road and check to see if it could be saved. Luckily a Biloxi Police Officer drove by, stopped and offered Clark a pair of gloves to use while handling the possum.

After pulling it to the side of the road and sadly realizing the possum was deceased Clark was about to leave when he noticed two tiny feet pop out from the belly area of the possum. He quickly realized this was a Mommy Possum and he called me to come help recover the babies.

When he told me about the possum over the phone I threw on my flip-flops, grabbed my flashlight and went running down the road to help him.

It was almost 3am when we called our friend Missy Dubuisson who is the founder and director of Wild at Heart Animal Rescue. I left a message for Missy and then thought to myself “What Would Missy Do?”   That’s when I realized we needed to get them to the 24 hour emergency vet. We called Gulf Coast Veterinary Emergency Hospital and they said bring them in.

We had to act quickly to get her out of harms way as ants were quickly finding there way to her. Clark ran back to our house and grabbed a shoe box. We scooped up Momma Possum and put her in the box. (We had no idea how to remove the babies from the pouch so it was best to bring them as is and let the doctor handle this.)

We drove to the ER Vet where Dr. Jeff Sutton, DVM greeted us and quickly got to work saving the baby possums.  Clark and I left and I could not stop thinking about those babies… are they? who many babies were in there? are they going to be OK?

Around 4am I called to check on the possum babies and found out there were 6 baby possums. All alive… but they were going to need a lot of professional treatment to have a chance to survive.

The next morning, Missy from Wild At Heart Rescue, got back with me to let me know she received my overnight message and they had a plan in place for the babies.  Wild At Heart took the babies in their care that morning.

Since Friday, the possum babies have been in the absolute best and most loving hands possible at Wild At Heart Animal Rescue.  Do date, we have sadly lost 4 of the 6 baby possums as some were victims of trauma from the accident. Currently the two babies left are still fighting and receiving extraordinary care.  They babies have now been put in with another group of slightly older baby possums and they is also helping them adjust.

It has been sad loosing some of the babies but I remind myself that even if they pass it will be a MUCH more peaceful passing in the loving care of the kind animal lovers at Wild At Heart Rescue rather than on the side of the road being eaten alive by ants….which is surely what would have happened if we had not taken the time to get them to safety.

WHAT TO DO IF YOU FIND AN INJURED OR DECEASED POSSUM:  If you are on the MS Gulf Coast contact Wild at Heart Rescue for assistance at (228) 669-7907.

HOW YOU CAN HELP: Wild At Heart Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization that works tirelessly to rescue, treat and rehabilitate injured MS Gulf Coast Wildlife. They need donations to continue the amazing, life saving work they do every day.





Video of our baby possums:

Group KattZ~

Posted by Wild at Heart Rescue on Sunday, July 23, 2017

Taking Mommy Possum and Babies to ER Vet:

Our Rescues!

Our Rescue Babies Made New Friends!

Please send love and keep our rescue Possums in your thoughts. I’ll keep you posted on their recovery.


Valerie Kattz



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