Today is National Hiking Day. Here are my favorite places for hiking.

Hiking is one of my favorite, most peaceful ways to relax while enjoying the beauty nature has to offer. National Hiking Day is observed annually on November 17th and since that’s today, I want to share my favorite hiking places/photos with you.

I grew up in Louisiana but spent most of my life in Southern California. While living in California I discovered a love of hiking. My two favorite hiking spots are Indian Canyons located in Palm Springs, CA and Runyon Canyon located in Los Angeles.

Indian Canyons – Palm Springs, CA – Indian Canyons include: Palm Canyon, Tahquitz Canyon, Murray Canyon and Andreas Canyon. All are gorgeous beyond belief! My favorite time to hike this area is in the Spring. Tahquitz Canyon is home to an incredible 60 foot seasonal waterfall. Andreas Canyon boasts magnificent fan palms and more than 150 species of plants. And if you’re really lucky you might even spot Big Horn Sheep. You can hike Murray Canyon on foot or horseback. Being less visited, Murray Canyon has its own secluded beauty; and at least one known endangered species of bird, the Least Bells Vireo, is known to nest here. Palm Canyon is 15 miles long and can be traveled on foot or horseback. Its indigenous flora and fauna, are breathtaking contrasts to the stark, rocky gorges and barren desert lands beyond. It’s perfect for hiking, exploring, horseback riding, picnicking and meditating.

Runyon Canyon Park – Los Angeles, CA is a 160-acre park in Los Angeles, California. It offers spectacular views of the city of Los Angeles and it’s dog friendly! Not only will you enjoy the beautiful views you might even see a few celebrities. Because of its proximity to residential areas of Hollywood and the Hollywood Hills many famous faces hike this trail.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from hiking Indian Canyons:

And here are a few pics from Runyon Canyon. Including our dog, Pinky’s, first hike!

Now that I live in Mississippi, I have begun to explore the beauty of our hiking trails with my current local favorite being at the Gulf Islands National Seashore.

This weekend get out and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. Go Take a Hike!

Comment below with YOUR favorite hiking spot.








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