Today is “National Kiss a Ginger Day.”

Today is “National Kiss a Ginger Day.” Being a natural redhead, I’ll admit this day is much better than the awful trend that was once “Kick a Ginger Day.” Yeah….that was a thing….Google it.

While “Kiss a Ginger Day” is a nice gesture let me just give you some advice. Don’t. Just DON’T kiss a ginger UNLESS that ginger happens to be your significant other. Because honestly, if some stranger tries to use “Kiss a Ginger Day” to plant one on me today they might get throat punched. FYI….consider yourself warned.

QUESTION: Since there are tons of beautiful gingers out there which one would you like to kiss if you could? Comment your below with your “Kissable Gingers.”

And just for fun….here a few kisses this Ginger has received:

Camels for some reason love to kiss me…..

So do dogs…..

But the BEST kisses are the ones from my super sweet boyfriend Clark!

MeOut & Ginger Kisses….. xoxo

Valerie Kattz

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