Top 5 Cool Pool Floats at Walmart.

A quick trip to Walmart got me super excited for summer!  If you weren’t ready to throw on the bikini and hit the pool you will be after seeing these fun pool floats.  Available and priced affordably at Walmart. Here are my faves!!!

Top 5 Favorite Walmart Pool Floats:

5. Poop Float. Because we’re cool with poop in the pool, just don’t pee in it.

4. The Bacon Lounger. If I could just get a Sunny Side Up Egg Float with this life would be perfect.

3. Giant Duck Float. My inner 4 year old can’t even right meow…..

2. Mega Pegasus. No explanation necessary, this float is everything!!

1. The InflataBULL. Shut Up Walmart!!! JUST SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!

Join the fun…..Post YOUR Favorite Pool Float in the Comment Section.


Valerie Kattz





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