Worlds Smallest Cat

Everyone can count on their hand the number of cool cats they have met in their lives.

In my lifetime (33 years) I’ve known one cool cat. His name was Mars, and Mars would roam our neighborhood when I was a kid just stopping house to house for head scratches. Mars didn’t have any sociopathic tendencies, nor do I think he was gathering intel for a underground cat army planning to wipe the humans from our large dirt road neighborhood. Mars was just a “cool cat”.

Have you ever started petting a cat that seemed to be asking for lovin’ and then it turns on you? What’s that all about? Dogs win.

There’s only one other cat that I believe may have been cool. I don’t remember it’s name, but he or she lived at a kids bookstore in the town I grew up. This thing was the size of a planet. To compare, if it were a human and needed to go out for…let’s just say more food because it’s just enormous and hungry…anyways, in order for it to leave the store they would have to take the roof off and then have a crane lift it onto a flat bed truck….

This cat was fat.

It was just nice because being mean don’t get you treats.

Here’s a video of the worlds smallest cat…I watched 2 seconds of it, so not sure if it’s even good.

-James Steele

@jamessteele on twitter



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